From Italy to Texas, Fabbri enjoying the adventure

Lorenzo Fabbri, who participated in the European Showcase with Boomer Baseball International in 2013 in Florida, is playing college ball in the US this year. The freshman infielder plays for the Frank Phillips College Plainsmen baseball team, in the far north of Texas.

Fabbri, originally from Rimini, Italy, feels right at home with his new teammates and is enjoying the next level of baseball, saying “I found some great teammates and I’m so happy I have the opportunity to play. Playing college baseball is a blessing.”

unnamedHe’s made the transition to the high demands of college baseball, making the most of the challenge. “We practice every day at 2:45 but we also have workouts at 8 on Monday and Wednesday, and conditioning at 7:30 on Tuesday and Thursday.”
But its not all play when playing college baseball. Lorenzo is taking courses in advanced mathematics, history, psychology, and Texas government. Additionally, he’s taking a writing composition course.
Even with his excellent English-language skills, he says “the only hard thing of these classes is writing papers, just because it takes a long time.” When asked what his favorite part of playing college ball is, Lorenzo again highlighted how fun the experience is, saying “one on the best things is that you spend so much time with your teammates that they become your family. We always help each other on the field and at home, no matter what.”
If you want to follow Lorenzo this season, visit the Plainsmen baseball website below: