Who We Are

Uplifting the individual player and fostering positivity


International Stars Baseball is a non-profit organization committed to transforming lives through baseball. We cultivate opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as cultural exchange, that results in tangible benefits to both young players and underprivileged communities.

Our organization’s roots began in 2012 by providing baseball training and mentorship to kids in the city of Detroit and in 2013 we began offering collegiate opportunities to young players from around the world. Since our inception, we have mentored hundreds of young athletes, including over 500 youth players through our Detroit Baseball Academy and helped place over 30 international players into colleges across the U.S.

International Stars Baseball is a global network of players, coaches, scouts, and teams that operates several unique programs that serve our charitable cause. Our current programming lineup includes:

  • Detroit Baseball Academy to provide athletic training, mentorship, and life-skills to underserved youths ages 5-18 in the city of Detroit
  • College Baseball Showcase, held annually in Phoenix, Arizona, to provide collegiate athletic opportunities to young players from around the world
  • International Baseball Tournaments, Invitationals, and “Goodwill” tours for young players seeking collegiate opportunities and professional players for cultural exchange.
  • International Professional Player Placement to help talented young athletes achieve their dream of a career in professional baseball through our partner Baseball Jobs Overseas


College Showcase Staff led by Technical Director Mauro Mazzotti

Prague Baseball Week Coaching Staff

Each of our programs is designed to uplift the individual player and foster positivity and vibrancy in the communities we serve. Through our efforts, we seek to create positive social and economic change by:

  • Creating a safe environment for kids to participate in athletic, character-building activities
  • Providing additional education and life skills, including teamwork and leadership
  • Providing mentorship, including athletic and educational counseling, emotional support from COVID-19 Pandemic, along with anti-bullying and drug awareness programs
  • Developing athletic and interpersonal skills that can lead to scholarships and professional opportunities

To achieve our goals, International Stars has connected with current and former Major League Baseball players and professional athletes from around the world who help serve our mission. These connections continue to be invaluable. Since 2013, our players have participated in noteworthy tournaments around the globe, and some have gained collegiate and professional opportunities.

Our local roots, civic-mindedness, and love of the game has earned International Stars a reputation as one of the most respected organizations for connecting players and teams across six continents, including the Americas, Europe, Australia, Asia, and Africa.

To put it simply- We. Do. Baseball. It is our sincere joy and privilege to leverage our deep experience in professional baseball to provide underprivileged young players and aspiring athletes the opportunity of a lifetime. We are pleased to invite you to join us in our mission and look forward to welcoming you into the International Stars Baseball community.

Executive Director and Founder of International Stars - Justin "Boomer" Prinstein