Donald “DJ” Smith



DJ is a physical, large framed catcher with young features and a lot of room remaining for added strength and growth. Football background and crude behind the dish but strong work ethic, highly coachable, and shows the tools & toughness to profile behind the plate. Defensively DJ is still a work in progress but shows ability to make adjustments quickly and understand the reasoning behind them. Strong & durable build. Work needed with receiving but folds up well behind the plate and moves with agility and ease. Still working on footwork and transfer but flashes the ability to do both and has the athleticism necessary to continue improving. A little inconsistent with throwing presently due to footwork but has surprising arm strength in there. Really backspins the ball with some wrist flick and throws flash unexpected carry thru 2B when everything is in sync. Chance for a future plus arm. Pop times – 2.4,2.5. Offensively DJ has a chance for some impact. Works slightly open to square and pulls hands thru well with some barrel lag and strength and leverage in path. Still learning to create some weight transfer and get lower half involved but shows quality bat to ball skills with chance to grow into a power threat with improved mechanics, contact point, and physical development. Flashes a quality path thru zone when he is able to get his front foot down on time and ball comes off barrel with some authority. Below average runner, chance to improve slightly but never going to be a part of his game. DJ is an intriguing, raw catcher. His coachability and willingness to make adjustments work strongly in his favor and a lot of upside remaining to be tapped into here. Somewhat new to baseball and needs to get reps and play consistently. See as a JUCO type recruiting target.

Donald “DJ” Smith
Height: 5'10"
Bats/Throws: R/R

Graduation Year: 2024
High School: Depsa
Travel/Summer Team: International stars
Experience: Playing football and baseball for last six years
Extracurricular Activities: Football and playing video games
Dream School: Michigan, Mississippi St