Marwynn Matthews


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Marwynn is an athletic INF/RHP who also moonlights at catcher AND in the OF, with a very projectable frame. Well proportioned body with room to fill out and add good strength throughout. Offensively, Marwynn employs a slightly open to square stance with a small transfer of weight and proper hand separation. Shows a good path thru the zone with near average bat speed and feel for the barrel. More bat speed and impact will come as he gains strength and learns to incorporate his lower half. Shows some feel for the zone, can hit the FB, shows ability to keep the bat in the zone for a long time, and quality path thru zone. Like the swing to give him a good chance to work line to line and will grow into some power with continued physical development. Defensively, Marwynn shows quality actions on the dirt with a live lower half, soft hands, and good funneling actions. Works thru the ball well and ball sticks in his glove. Solid body control and quick hands along with ability to move well in all directions. Still learning to slow the game down but defensively has the tools to stay on the dirt in the middle of the field. Arm works properly, stays behind the ball and backspins it to create some natural carry. Should be a future average arm as he continues to develop physically. On the mound Marwynn showcases a raw, but athletic, delivery. Lot of work needed to clean up but excellent body control allows him to pound the strike zone. Medium arm stroke, works cleanly, and shows ability to spin the ball. Pounds zone with FB (69-74), more FB velo to come with physical development and mechanical adjustments, should be a future mid 80’s type FB at least. Shows feel to spin a true ¾ CB, good shape with makings of future average quality. Marwynn has the competitiveness and drive to succeed and it's difficult to keep him off the field. He should develop into a college recruit target as a middle infielder with a chance to potentially provide some value on the mound as well.

Marwynn Matthews
Height: 5'9"
Bats/Throws: R/R

Instagram: @marwynn.313
Graduation Year: 2024
High School: Detroit Edison
Travel/Summer Team: Michigan Bulls
Experience: 8 years of playing major travel baseball
Extracurricular Activities: Police cadet
Dream School: University Of Florida