Jason Rees

Boomer Baseball International offers aspiring professional baseball players opportunities of a lifetime, to play baseball for teams in leagues across the globe.

Over the past decade, our reputable Player Placement Service has been one of the most respected organizations for connecting players and teams, primarily in Europe and Australia, but also in Asia, Caribbean, Africa, and North America. Some of the leagues we have assisted in placing players include the Italian Baseball League, Dutch Head Class, German Bundesliga, Czech Extra-League, and South Australian State League.

For a nominal fee (either to the individual player or team), BBI utilizes it’s vast network of global baseball connections to make sure teams or players are properly fitted. BBI works in collaboration with The International Baseball Community‘s – Baseball Jobs Overseas to make sure players are getting the most exposure and that individual clubs are getting the best matches for what they’re looking for.

BBI can assist in player recommendations, or setting-up introductions between players and teams, and we also have our own experienced legal team to negotiate contracts on behalf of either party.

A list of successful player placements (with corresponding teams) that BBI has assisted:

Adam Crabb (Den Haag Storks – Netherlands)
Jason Rees (HCAW – Netherlands)
Brent Buffa (Novara – Italy & Balogna – Italy)
Jake Rabinowitz (Tempo Titans – Czech Republic)
Daniel Schmidt (Oosterhout Twins – Netherlands)
Layton White (Zwijndrecht Stars – Netherlands)
Max Warren (Hamburg Stealers – Germany)
Sam Boone (Hamburg Stealers – Germany & Janossomorja Rascals – Hungary)
Mitch Graham (Almere Magpies – Netherlands)
Justin Erasmus (Oosterhout Twins – Netherlands)
Sam Faeder (Therwil Flyers – Switzerland)
Trevor Caughey (Janossomorja Rascals – Hungary)
Joe Wittig (Novara – Italy)
Mattia Campanini (Telemarket Rimini – Italy)
Adam Bright (Telemarket Rimini – Italy)
Clayton Carson (Novara – Italy)
Jason Daniels (Hamburg Stealers – Germany & Janossomorja Rascals – Hungary)
Elroy Urbina (Hrosi Brno – Czech Republic)
David Simone (Hrosi Brno – Czech Republic)
Ben Merritt (Almere Magpies – Netherlands)
John Dobkowski (Den Haag Storks – Netherlands)
Andrew Rodgers (Tempo Titans – Czech Republic)
Jack Shannon (Janossomorja Rasclas – Hungary)
Lars Siahaya (West Stirling Indians – Australia)
Pat Maat (Hamburg Stealers – Germany)
Premek Chroust (Sturt – South Australia)